ssd types

Let’s Talk About SSD’s Types

Look I get it picking a storage drive for your next rig can be a difficult process currently SSD prices are very respectable they’ve got many storage options many different speeds to consider many different prices I really this video is appropriate and I must confess that this Reddit post of all things was what prompted me to create this video believe it or not some good can come from that cesspool we’ll discuss that and more in this video not read it but the SSDs so here we go another one for the crash course.

So there are two basic form factors you should keep in mind when choosing your next SSD the two and a half inch drive and the in bat to drive much smaller the former looks something like this it’s usually mounted to SSD trays in modern cases though they can be placed really anywhere in a build upside down sideways duct tape behind the motherboard tray you get the point I’ve benefited the stylus freedom of placement it’ll work with really any relatively modern motherboard boasting SATA ports I recommend SATA 2 or 3 and isn’t composed of any moving parts meaning they aren’t as fragile as their hard drive counterparts a few pros and cons of a 2 and a half inch SSD for one because they use the SATA interface you’ll deal with higher latency ‘z and lower bandwidth overall and these drawbacks result in significantly slower effective transfer rates because the SATA interface is the bottleneck typically in the realm of about 500 megabytes per second from both the reads and writes unless you have a crappy drive and then typically the writes are trash and the reads are respectable these speeds mind you are still several times faster than hard drives meaning they’ll still be the preferred OS drive expect boot times in the realm of about 10 to 15 seconds depending on what you have loaded on the operating system to slower drives using the SATA interface are much cheaper than their PCI siblings so these straps should be considered in more budget oriented builds 500 gig 860 Samsung Evo’s for example these are great drives by the way are only about 75 bucks each I recommend these if you aren’t looking to break the bank I’ve linked them down below I have first-hand experience with these even the 850 Evo’s were fine but these 475 or so US dollars are a steal and three you’ll need to connect to external cables to these drives