EuroMaid WMFL10 Washer Review

This is the ten kilogram front load washing machine from EuroMaid. You’ll enjoy its choice of washing programs and stylish design making it an ideal choice for larger families and households. Now there are 16 different wash programs, including some favorites like the delicate cycle for gentle garment care and the quick 15 which can wash a few lightly soiled items in just 15 minutes.

You can adjust the spin speeds from 600 to 1200 revs per minute depending on your load type. The highest speeds will help to reduce moisture in your clothing for less time spent drying and more energy saved. The delay start feature is also helpful for planning your wash cycles in advance, so that you can have your washing ready when you get home or wake up. By the way, we could call it the best washer and dryer 2020. There is also a child lock function so you won’t have to worry about accidental interruptions to your cycle. If you do need to open the door during a cycle you can easily stop the machine with the pause button and fish out your electronic device or add a missing sock. EuroMaid has made this door-opening extra large so that you can load and unload clothing more easily and without strain. This year amid washer has a two year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind when purchasing.