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EuroMaid WMFL10 Washer Review

This is the ten kilogram front load washing machine from EuroMaid. You’ll enjoy its choice of washing programs and stylish design making it an ideal choice for larger families and households. Now there are 16 different wash programs, including some favorites like the delicate cycle for gentle garment care and the quick 15 which can wash a few lightly soiled items in just 15 minutes.

You can adjust the spin speeds from 600 to 1200 revs per minute depending on your load type. The highest speeds will help to reduce moisture in your clothing for less time spent drying and more energy saved. The delay start feature is also helpful for planning your wash cycles in advance, so that you can have your washing ready when you get home or wake up. By the way, we could call it the best washer and dryer 2020. There is also a child lock function so you won’t have to worry about accidental interruptions to your cycle. If you do need to open the door during a cycle you can easily stop the machine with the pause button and fish out your electronic device or add a missing sock. EuroMaid has made this door-opening extra large so that you can load and unload clothing more easily and without strain. This year amid washer has a two year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind when purchasing.

external gpu in laptop

Exploiting An External GPU To Game on an Old Laptop

I currently have in my possession it’s a beaten-up old ace out with a seller on inter 840 dual core CPU and Intel HD graphics as well as four gigs of RAM when it comes to gaming well it could definitely use some improvement as you can see here with games running okay but dipping and lagging in terms of framerate and some more demanding titles failing to get decent performance at all sure you could stick to even less demanding games but what if you want to turn an old laptop like the Acer here into an affordable budget gaming PC without the expense of buying the premium docs some companies are offering well that’s where the device inside this box comes in this is the 30 pounds of $40.00 XE source exp GDC and it lets you connect to any graphics card of choice to the best convertible laptop 2020 I have in order to make it capable of playing games in the box itself you get the dock and the two essential cables needed you also need an ATX PSU and GPU both of which you’ll have to supply ourselves.

Of course an Express port version is also available for older laptops today I’ll be replacing the Intel HD graphics with an HD 5750 GPU a card that features one gig of gddr5 and should still offer a nice improvement over the onboard graphics so first of all to install you’ll need to access your laptops and motherboard and locate the PCI Express mini port removing the wireless card I also removed my DVD drive because I only had access to the motherboard from under the keyboard and so when I refit the keyboard the cable can run through the hole where the DVD drive usually sits I won’t miss it and usually I suspect that you’d only need to take the bat casing off a laptop to access the wireless card on most models.

So I have no idea what a SAR we’re thinking here once that’s done connect this cable to it and screw it into place if you have a slightly different layout screws may not be required or they may not fit the other end of the cable which features an HDMI connector can then be connected to the graphics card dock itself and you’ll need to take your ATX PSU and get up to this other supplied cable as well messy I know but a cheap way to run games on your laptop I’ve hooked mine up to my TV as well it should look something like this when you’re done getting straight back into their games and you’ll see an immediate improvement remember that the CPU is a bottleneck now though and will hold back even this old card Fallout New Vegas now rounds at 37 FPS as opposed to 24 with any stutter having disappeared and the same can be said for the Elder Scrolls oblivion which has seen a nice increase from just 20 frames per second to 36 making it finally playable on a sort-of laptop desktop hybrid. But one that would look way better on a desk than it does on my floor the ever demanding GTA 4 also saw a bump in performance from a shocking 10 FPS all the way up to 26 still not a fantastic gaming result but a significant improvement over what we were seeing in GTA 4 beforehand and I could admit that I’d still probably happily play this game in these circumstances so guys I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at this external graphics card dock it’s something that a lot of you have been asking me to check out for a while and I’m sure you’ve seen other people take a look at this as well. Nonetheless I hope you’ve enjoyed it I would 100% recommend a device like this if you’re looking at turning your laptop into something a little more capable or perhaps you’ve already bought one for yourselves if you have let me know down below what you think of it let me know what you thought of the post.

ssd types

Let’s Talk About SSD’s Types

Look I get it picking a storage drive for your next rig can be a difficult process currently SSD prices are very respectable they’ve got many storage options many different speeds to consider many different prices I really this video is appropriate and I must confess that this Reddit post of all things was what prompted me to create this video believe it or not some good can come from that cesspool we’ll discuss that and more in this video not read it but the SSDs so here we go another one for the crash course.

So there are two basic form factors you should keep in mind when choosing your next SSD the two and a half inch drive and the in bat to drive much smaller the former looks something like this it’s usually mounted to SSD trays in modern cases though they can be placed really anywhere in a build upside down sideways duct tape behind the motherboard tray you get the point I’ve benefited the stylus freedom of placement it’ll work with really any relatively modern motherboard boasting SATA ports I recommend SATA 2 or 3 and isn’t composed of any moving parts meaning they aren’t as fragile as their hard drive counterparts a few pros and cons of a 2 and a half inch SSD for one because they use the SATA interface you’ll deal with higher latency ‘z and lower bandwidth overall and these drawbacks result in significantly slower effective transfer rates because the SATA interface is the bottleneck typically in the realm of about 500 megabytes per second from both the reads and writes unless you have a crappy drive and then typically the writes are trash and the reads are respectable these speeds mind you are still several times faster than hard drives meaning they’ll still be the preferred OS drive expect boot times in the realm of about 10 to 15 seconds depending on what you have loaded on the operating system to slower drives using the SATA interface are much cheaper than their PCI siblings so these straps should be considered in more budget oriented builds 500 gig 860 Samsung Evo’s for example these are great drives by the way are only about 75 bucks each I recommend these if you aren’t looking to break the bank I’ve linked them down below I have first-hand experience with these even the 850 Evo’s were fine but these 475 or so US dollars are a steal and three you’ll need to connect to external cables to these drives